DPF Clean

DPF’s are a device fitted to the exhaust system that collects all the soot from the engine and stores it inside a box (the DPF). This box fills up so the vehicle has a system that goes into cleaning mode (called regeneration) but only when the vehicle is travelling at a constant speed over 40mph. When this happens, the ECU superheats the DPF then injects fuel in order to burn off the contents. This is why London based vehicles that only operate in stop start traffic suffer from DPF full problems since they never get up to speed in order to start the regeneration cycle.

Once the DPF gets full it will put the vehicle into limp mode or worse still, the pressure build up can damage the turbo charger. More often than not this can damage the sensors within the DPF that control and manage regeneration.

The DPF always gets full for a reason. Cleaning the vaporiser without resolving the cause just means the problem will be back in as little as 2 weeks. We guarantee this will not happen providing the cause is traced and resolved at the time we clean the DPF.

We have the latest DPF cleaning equipment costing over £40,000 coupled with diagnostic equipment that allows us to accurately identify and resolve the cause. We carry out as many as 5 DPF cleans a day so our technicians are familiar with all the causes and their resolution.

Please bear in mind that DPF technology is misunderstood by the majority of people offering DPF clean and repair and few of the equipment and skills to resolve the cause of the problem, hence why so many people find themselves with the same issue recurring again and again and each time paying for yet another clean. Auto400 will not only sort it out in one visit, we will advise you how to prevent it ever happening again.