Look After Your Brakes with Auto400!

Your brakes can save your life – have yours checked regularly

What do you think is the most important part of your car? The engine to make it go? The tyres that grip the road? The most important part of your car is the brakes – having worn out or faulty brakes can put your life in danger!

When was the last time you had your car brakes checked? If it’s been over a year, then it is high time you had them tested and checked for wear and tear. Having fully-functioning brakes can save you a small fortune on bodywork repairs, so if you are in doubt, book your car in with Auto400 for your own peace of mind.


At our fully-equipped garage, we offer a friendly and open service to customers across the whole London area. You can book to have your annual service and maintenance checks where we will thoroughly test your brakes to assess their efficiency, and check for signs of wear and tear that could lead to problems further down the road.

Our fully comprehensive brake testing service includes the removal of each wheel before a detailed inspection. We measure your brake disc thickness, check your brake hoses and brake lining wear, as well as the condition and level of your brake fluids.

We will take your car for a quick test-drive to identify any further brake problems, and any issues we uncover will be addressed and made safe before we return you car to you, where your brakes will be safe for another year.


Did you know that you should be having your brake fluid changed and your system flushed at least every two years? Over time your brake fluid will absorb water to such a level that it starts to become unbalanced and ineffective. Failure to maintain your brake fluid can lead to further problem that could easily be avoided by having a flush, and new fluids added to your brake system.

Many motorists never think twice about their car brake fluid, but neglecting this important element of your system can result in your brake fluid becoming acidic. This is bad news for your engine as it will encourage corrosion to some vulnerable and essential components that are expensive to replace.

The knock-on effects of allowing water to build up in your brake fluid will mean it becomes ineffective over time. Cold temperatures will lead to the water freezing in the brake lines, meaning your brakes could fail. There is also a risk of the water turning to vapour that creates air pockets that will also cause your brakes to become ineffective.


While is it is sensible and more cost-effective to have your vehicle regularly serviced and checked over, unexpected brake failures do happen. Keep an eye out for clues that there may be something wrong with your braking system, such as pulling to the left or right while applying the brakes, spongy feeling pedals, or a grinding noise is made while they are being used.

If you notice any changes to your braking, no matter how subtle they may be, it is time to get your brakes checked before something more serious happens!

Take the worry off your shoulders about maintaining your brake safety – let Auto400 take care of it for you! BOOK YOUR BRAKE HEALTH CHECK NOW!