Gearbox Repairs London

As a rule, the gearbox of your car will be a relatively sturdy piece of equipment that can withstand the rigors the road throws at it and take them all in its stride. But sometimes, you hear a strange noise or perhaps feel something odd when you change gear. This could be the warning sign of a gearbox problem and means a trip to the garage is in order before things get worse.

Hidden problems

One of the reasons that gearbox problems tend to sneak up on us is that we don’t see much of the workings of it because it is hidden away. Gearboxes are surprisingly complex parts of a car with a number of small elements to them that can go wrong without any warning. And unlike a tyre going flat or a loose exhaust problem, sometimes you only know a problem with the gearbox when it suddenly refuses to work properly.

According to statistics, one of the most common elements to go wrong on a gearbox is the bearings with gear teeth in second place. These are all small elements that have a big impact on the gearbox and the car when they fail.

Professional gearbox repair

While some people are quite handy at a spot of DIY car repairs, the gearbox is one of those car parts that should be handled by a professional. Because they are composed of so many small elements that need to be maintained and repaired in different ways, trying to do it yourself (unless you are a mechanic) could actually make things worse.

Here at our car garage in London, we pride ourselves on the standard of repairs we can offer for your gearbox among a range of other jobs. Should you experience the sickening feeling of something not working in the gearbox or even feel that something may be amiss, get in touch with us immediately to book an appointment.

Once you are here our experts can turn their eye to the problem and narrow down which little part is causing the problem. It can be difficult to give an idea of the cost of repairs until we know what is causing the problem and if any additional damage has been done. But we guarantee to let you know before we start what is going on and what it should cost. And we promise not to do extra work that will cost you money without talking to you about it first.


It may be worth considering the ‘prevention is better than cure’ method and have your gearbox checked periodically by our experts. That way, if something is showing signs of wear and tear or a problem is building up, we can get at it before it causes more damage or results in a disruptive breakdown. And even if nothing is wrong, at least you have the peace of mind that the strange little sounds you heard aren’t due to the gearbox.

Why not give us a call today about the costs of a health check for your gearbox and any other parts of the car?