Wembley Garage – London’s favourite car and van service and repair garage. Specialists in DPF fault diagnosis, DPF clean and DPF repair, welding, cage design and build, ECU, electrical repairs, gearbox repairs, clutches, brakes, engine rebuilds with 2yr guarantee, cambelts and much more!

Come to the garage that books you in the same day – no more waiting

We are an owner-operated business, passionate about our work and care only that our customers say we are the best bar none.

We are desperately proud of our garage and our staff and believe we offer the best services at a price that is considerably cheaper than the main dealers. We are located in Wembley Park just minutes from Wembley Stadium in order to keep our rent and rates low and we pass these savings on to you in our prices.

Our vision is to be umatched in terms of honesty, integrity, skill, knowledge and value for money.

We stick to this religiously and as a result our customers would never go anywhere else, in fact over half of our new business is through direct recommendation.

We will never blind you with science. We will never recommend any work be carried out unless it is absolutely necessary. We will never incur any cost without your prior approval.

But when we do that work it will be quicker and with savings of 30% or more than main dealer.

Our services include MOT, Servicing, Repairs, Brakes, Tyres, Clutches, DPF, Exhausts, Gearbox repairs & rebuilds, ECU and electrical diagnosis and repair, Engine rebuilds with 2yr guarantee, Accident and Bodyshop repairs and Custom welding.

So if you are looking for good old-fashioned service, honesty, speed and accuracy coupled with state of the art technology we look forward to seeing you!

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